What is Missouri Football Getting in Their Recent Flurry of High-Ranked Recruits? (2024)

This last weekend was full of victories for the Missouri Tigers football program. They landed four recruits between last Thursday and last Sunday, all ranging across the country with different positions and ranks nationally. With that, they also bring their versatile skillsets. Across two positons, receiver and the offensive line, here's a brief peak into what the new additions will bring to Missouri football a year from now.

The first of the additions was composite 4-star WR Jayvan Boggs. Last year's Mr. Florida winner recorded 1,493 yards and a whopping 23 touchdowns for Cocoa High School. If that isn't impressive, what is?

Boggs is very solid after the catch. He's elusive yet has a larger frame, making him harder to bring down. That being said, he doesn't have that elite track speed that we see in other high school receivers. That doesn't mean he can't be effective with the ball in his hands. If he finds himself in space, he will find ways to score.

Though he scored plenty of touchdowns last season, he might not be a guy who can get into the end zone as much (probably not 23 times). His short routes appear to be very hard to guard, making it seemingly easy for him to rack up short yardage. The same goes for the middle routes, finding himself in space easily in zone coverage and shaking defenders with brief moves. His creativity mid-route is also fun to watch. He knows how to exploit a defenders positioning and get himself open.

WR Donovan Olugbode, Naperville IL

Olugbode is a big 6-foot-1 receiver who is not easy to take down. He posted 561 yards and 5 touchdowns on 31 receptions for a loaded IMG Academy squad last year. The area that could use the biggest refinement at this moment is his route running. They could use some tightening up when it comes to fluidity and footwork.

The most exciting thing about Olugbode is his after-the-catch tackle breaking ability. He simply will not go down after one or two touches from the defense. If he does go down, it's not without a fight. He isn't the most explosive athlete, but his speed mixed with his physicality will be a useful combo for the Tigers offense.

He's much more aggressive at the catch-point than Boggs is. He loves jump balls and isn't afraid to get bumped while doing so. His releases also stood out as well. His first and second moves seem to be effective in getting him open. Olugbode made quite a few impressive catches for IMG Academy last season, sometimes involving only one hand. He is balanced as a player and will have lots to provide for the Missouri offense.

Simply put, Rogers is a massive human being. Standing at 6-foot-7 and 311-pounds, he certainly has the size to play on the front line. He played at tackle for Horn High School, but the mobility he possesses from his basketball-playing may open up for a position switch. When you see him move up the field, as well as in pass protection, it makes you question everything you know about how fast a person of that size should be able to move.

Rogers has the strength to play the part, but like most offensive line recruits, he relies on it too much. You can see Rogers get out of his stance very quickly, where he needs to stay lower and connected with his defender. Because he's so tall he plays very high, building that habit of getting up and out quickly. Rogers does have very strong hands and once he his connected, he drives easily. The size and athleticism is there with Rogers. He has another year of high school to refine his skillset and of course many years with the Tigers' offensive line.

OL Keiton Jones, Coffeyville KS

Most of the recruiting sites list Jones as playing on the inside. He has an impressive athletic profile, with 247Sports reporting a 5.2 40-yard dash and 6-foot-9 wingspan. That speed and arm length is very impressive for a guard.

Jones is great at creating space in run-protection. It's yet another situation where size and speed come into play, as he can drive defenders up the field in a similar manner to Rogers. His ability to move defenders leans him in the direction of playing guard for the Tigers, though he played most of his reps this past season at left tackle. A position switch is likely, but the experience at tackle won't be a negative.

Like Rogers, he gets a little too high in pass protection. Luckily for Jones, it's not easy to get past him. Also like Rogers and majority of high school offensive lineman, he has plenty of cleaning up to do and learning when it comes to the specifics. Jones is the lowest rated offensive line prospect committed to the Tigers and he has a very legitimate chance to break into the rotation by his sophom*ore or junior season. If he's the lowest rated, Tiger faithful should only raise their hopes even more.

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What is Missouri Football Getting in Their Recent Flurry of High-Ranked Recruits? (2024)


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