18 Ideas To Include In Valentines Day Baskets (2024)

Are you looking for a fun and sweet thing to do for your significant other this Valentines day? How about doing a valentines day basket! It is a wonderful thing to give your partner and you can fill it up with gifts that they will like all in one easy and aesthetic place. And I did some of the shopping for you and found these great 18 ideas to include in Valentines day baskets so you can be ready for February 14th!

But remember that the most important things it the thought and effort that you put into it. No pressure to do anything crazy but baskets are a great way to make the gift as affordable or elaborate as you want to make it. And you can add some fun filling and wrapping around it to make it look adorable and perfect for the Valentines day holiday.

So let’s get into these ideas to include in Valentines day baskets this year for the sweetest Valentines gift baskets ever!

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18 Ideas To Include In Valentines Day Baskets

Fun gift ideas for Valentines day:

Idea 1: Box of Date Night Cards – AYearOfDates

Shop it here!

A great idea for your Valentines Day Gift basket is to get an entire year of date ideas!

Idea 2: The Little Book Of Us – HipHipHoorayStudio

Shop it here!

This is a very sentimental little gift to add to your Valentines day gift for your significant other.

Idea 3: Custom photo teddy bear – itsallmerch

Shop it here!

You can add any custom words or photos to the shirt of this bear – such a cute gift!

Idea 4: Dark chocolate hearts treat – Godiva

Shop it here!

You can never go wrong with adding some chocolate hearts to your gift basket. And these are totally delicious!

Idea 5: Hands casting kit – Luna Bean

Shop it here!

This is a really fun gift idea and it can be a date night in the future for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend to actually complete the casting kit. And then you will have it in your home forever!

Idea 6: Personalized beer glasses set – Engraved by Froolu

Shop it here!

If you share the same last name then this is a really fun idea to add to your basket. Or you can get the beer glasses with your significant others last name as well.

Idea 7: Custom photo puzzle – PersonalizedByElsy

Shop it here!

This is a really creative gift to give to your significant other on this Valentines day or really any other holiday you want to give them a perfect gift!

Idea 8: Couples key ring – threepeakscompany

Shop it here!

This is a totally adorable gift to get for your sweetheart on this years holiday.

Idea 9: Cheese board serving set

Shop it here!

This is a bit of a bigger item for your basket but you could add a bottle of wine and some tasty treats and really just have a full date night themed basket.

Idea 10: Personalized Music Song Lyrics Cassette Tape Canvas Wall Art – AMZprint

Shop it here!

This is one of the most unique Etsy finds I have found and it would be so great to gift your partner with “your” song on it!

Idea 11: Aromatherapy candle set – TRINIDa

Shop it here!

These fragrances filled candles are fun and thoughtful to add to your perfect valentine’s day gift.

Idea 12: Redbox movie night gift basket

Shop it here!

Add a few romantic elements and this whole gift basket is already finished!

Idea 13: Custom mug set – Her2ndChance

Shop it here!

This is a really personalized and fun gift to add with a sweet custom special touch!

Idea 14: Personalized AirPods cases – AprilandKiwi

Shop it here!

If your significant other is a fan of AirPods then these cases are a fantastic gift idea.

Idea 15: Names heart candle – BurninDownCandles

Shop it here!

This is such an adorable and simple addition to your basket and can really be a long term special gift if they keep the jar and re-use it.

Idea 16: Personalized notebook – KavCreates

Shop it here!

Everyone can use an extra notebook and it is so fun that this one is personalized. Also, if you are getting gifts for a good friend this valentines this is a fun gift to get a best friend or co-workers!

Idea 17: Personalized chef apron – PMCInvitations

Shop it here!

This is a great gift and it currently has free shipping as well. And it would be a great gift to give to people during the holiday season as well.

Idea 18: Colored memory lantern – MemoryLanterns

Shop it here!

This is the final of the ideas for valentines day baskets that I am sharing today! Love how sentimental this memory lantern is and you can fill it up with your favorite photos. This would also be a great valentines gift for parents or really any close family members!


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18 Ideas To Include In Valentines Day Baskets (2024)


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